Saturday, August 01, 2009

EDAG Pontiac Solstice Hard Top Concept 2006

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Edag Pontiac Solstice Hard Top Concept (2006)

2006 EDAG Pontiac Solstice Hard Top Concept
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EDAG Exhibits Hard Top Version of the "Pontiac Solstice"

As a European premiere, EDAG will be displaying the hard top version of the Pontiac Solstice in Geneva. The American sports convertible is delivered ex works with a fabric top which, once it is folded back, tucks away under the lid of the boot. The EDAG design team have designed a special hard top with an integral boot cover for the Solstice, which not only puts a solid roof over the driver's head, but also lends the car a completely new appearance. Inspired by the Pontiac Safari station wagons of the 1950s and 60s, the EDAG designers have created a powerful, elegant and contemporary variant of an estate sports car.