Thursday, September 03, 2009

Gambar Mobil BMW CS1 Concept (2002)

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BMW CS1 Concept (2002)

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Fresh from its world introduction earlier this month at the Geneva Motor Show, the BMW CS1 Concept Car will make its North American debut at the New York International Auto Show, providing a first glimpse of the design philosophy which might characterize the exterior of future BMW models.
In its design, the CS1 is dynamic yet elegantly agile. The domain of agility and pure elegance will be found where the car’s occupants enjoy the thrill of driving. But where the car communicates with its outside world, conveying its power and dynamic performance are the dominant factors in the exterior design.

Short overhangs front and rear typical of BMW, as well as the striking side-sills, help to impressively underline this special look. The philosophy of light, carefree elegance is shown in the interior of the CS1 Concept Car. The designers were inspired by the world of fashion and modern architecture. The result is a fresh and modern ambience. Both classic and modern materials are used consciously in their ideal form.
The CS1 Concept Car consistently maintains BMW’s new interior and control philosophy featuring iDrive management for the driver. This allows the driver to concentrate on the essential, the actual process of driving. All the driver has to do is briefly press the Controller in the center console and the monitor previously concealed will come out of the cockpit, facing the driver’s line of vision directly from above.
The CS1 is, in pure aesthetic terms, probably the most exciting and contentious car of the show. The front lamps extend beyond the typical predatory, single plane, BMW lamp design, to pull the hood, fender and front surfaces together and disguise the exceptionally short front overhang.
The interior with its floating, lightweight surfaces and neoprene and aluminium materials shows an increasingly digestible and yet refreshingly new direction for BMW interior design. But it is the exterior surfacing that makes the boldest statement. Evident most in the car’s flanks below a literally sharp shoulder crease, the surfacing is less discontinuous than on the X-coupe, but retains that car’s non-linear, lean, fluid, and often concave surfaces.
The CS1 is a BMW through and through in its drive concept as well - that is with the engine fitted longitudinally and the drive wheels at the rear. The CS1 is powered by BMW’s 115 horsepower, 1.8-liter four-cylinder which features VALVETRONIC valve control. The SMG Sequential Manual Gearbox shifts gears within fractions of a second via paddles on the steering wheel. Power is conveyed to the road by 18-inch light-alloy wheels with tires measuring 215/45 at the front and 235/40 at the rear.