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2010 CHEVROLET Camaro Red Flash Concept

2010 CHEVROLET Camaro Red Flash Concept
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2010 CHEVROLET Camaro Red Flash Concept

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The design of the all-new Chevrolet Camaro has been acclaimed by critics and celebrated by sports car buyers. With that appeal as a springboard, Chevrolet designers created the Red Flash Camaro SS Show Car to extend Camaro's look - and even its sound - to a new level.

RChevrolet Camaro ed Flash combines Chevrolet Accessory parts available today with some specially designed new concepts from the design studio, resulting in a unique new Camaro statement. Its Red Jewel exterior color is accented with gray heritage stripes and gray-accented 21-inch wheels. Under the hood, a Chevrolet Accessory air intake kit and, out back, the accessory exhaust kit, enhance the car's performance, style and sound.

"The Chevrolet Camaro Red Flash is the opposite of a 'sleeper' on the street," said Adam Barry, lead designer. "From every angle, it looks and sounds like the high-performance sports car it is. It's a model for the enthusiast who doesn't want to hide his performance aspirations."

It also wears Chevrolet Accessory body-color ground effects, high-wing rear spoiler with black-painted stanchions and other gray accents. A lowered suspension lends a more aggressive stance.

Inside, the Red Jewel features an Ebony leather-trimmed cabin with titanium stitching and red accents on the seats. There's also a custom steering wheel, racing-style pedals and red LED lighting for the door trim.

= Red Jewel color
= Heritage hood stripes in gray
= Chevrolet Accessory high-wing rear spoiler (body color with black stanchions)
= Chevrolet Accessory ground effects (body color)
= Chevrolet Accessory 21-inch wheels with gray inserts
= Camaro badges with chrome edges and gray inserts
= Body-color antenna

= Ebony leather with titanium stitching and red accents on the seats
= Prototype Chevrolet Accessory racing-style steering wheel with flat bottom
= Red LED lighting in door trim
= Red footwell and cupholder lighting
= Chevrolet Accessory racing pedal kit
= Chevrolet Accessory floor mats and cargo mat

= LS3 6.2L V-8 with Tremec TR6060 six-speed manual transmission
= Chevrolet Accessory air intake and exhaust systems
= Chevrolet Accessory engine cover in Red Jewel
= Chevrolet Accessory Hurst shifter with custom stone-color stitching on the boot

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